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The Weber division, Saint-Gobain Construction Products, a. s. builds on the long-term experience of our colleagues
from Weber Holland and brings to the Czech Republic revolutionary technology and with it open possibilities for projection
exceptional building and garden elements.

3D printing using Weber materials offers architects, designers, planners and the general public a way to
how to make their projects special, give them a touch of uniqueness, and at the same time let your imagination run free.

An innovative approach not only to technology, but also to approach sustainable construction in the future.
The path to this goal is becoming more important every year, and Saint-Gobain is also aware of this.

How is the process of 3D printing stairs?

Our new technological process - 3D printing - opens up possibilities for the projection of exceptional building and garden elements and offers a way to make projects special, to give them a stamp of exclusivity,  
while letting your imagination run free. 


We will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and turn them into reality

Using 3D printing using the latest technologies, we can breathe a third dimension into your dreams.

Materialization of images
using 3D PRINT 

concrete sculptures called "Pusu" 
and "Musela jsem se ovládnout"

 Weber's new technological process enabled the painter's hand drawing to be transformed into curves and materialized on a 3D printer.

author: Lu Jindrák Skřivánková


Our project team is ready to fulfill your ideas
and turn them into reality.

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Marek Zadina

Štěrboholská 1404/104
102 00  Prague 15

📞  +420 607 032 141

✉️  marek.zadina@saint-gobain.com


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Concrete for 3D printing

  • printing on a non-absorbent and non-stick surface
  • use 4.125 liters of tap water for 25 kg of concrete
  • apply at a temperature above 5 °C and below 30 °C
  • industrially produced dry mix in accordance with EN 206 in terms of specifications, properties, production and conformity.

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weberurychlovač 3DP910

Setting accelerator for sprayed concrete

  • Highly effective alkali-free accelerator for sprayed concrete.
  • Increases the homogeneity of the mixture and contributes to lower waste of sprayed concrete during application.
  • Immediately reacts with cement grains and very effectively shortens the initial setting of concrete.

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